Production Team News

The middle of the year and end of financial year are generally a very hectic time in any business. The Production Team at LS Quarry and all our Mobile Crushing crews out on site are faced with the Winter elements setting in with challenging environments, moving and hauling large plants and getting product out, however showing very positive outcomes overall.


At LSQ headquarters, some exciting additions to the site were given life. Plants of a different kind, in fact 500 Native Trees in tubestock were put in the ground, around the benches of the face overlooking the quarry. Each step of this face is approximately 10m high and 6mt wide. A total of 60-70mt above the hole. A mixture of Eucalyptus polyanthemos ( Red box ) Eucalyptus melliodora ( Yellow box ) & Acacia melanoxylon ( Australian Blackwood ) A part of our commitment to continuously improving the compatibility between economic development and maintenance of the environment.

Lots of action still taking place with the new Fixed Plant and progress is on track and looks to be set for September 2019.

It’s fantastic and exciting to watch what looks like “ The Mothership” growing!!! ( see progressive photos of MCC being placed on its pad )

With this massive investment of time and resources we will see a huge volume increase which needs space to stockpile the product coming off it. In preparation – this involves stripping up to 3,500 tonne per day of overburden for filling and levelling undulated areas. So the production team have been busy creating and moving the stockpile areas for higher volumes to come. Along with that  – producing a nice stock buffer of aggregates for the Concrete Panels to go to the West Gate Tunnel Project.

Our Moblie Crushing sites have presented some interesting yet workable challenges with positive outcomes. Newly set up and commenced crushing:

The Dundonnell Wind Farm project is located approximately 23km north-east of Mortlake, in the Western District of Victoria. Tilt Renewables successfully reached financial close for the project on 14 November 2018. Construction on the project has now commenced with our small LS Quarry crew seemingly out in the middle of nowhere, in a sparsely populated area predominantly used for grazing stock.. Teams and machines are far away from home and Headquarters for various lengths of time. Working in the onsite quarry crushing material for the access roads to the Wind Farm. A very large scale project and super cool to be involved in!!!

The wind farm will include approximately 80 wind turbines and will be connected to the National Electricity Market (NEM) via a 38km 220kV transmission line to the Mortlake Gas Fired Power Station (MOPS).

Also – The Marysville site offers great views and beautiful landscapes  – the team out there has had some “Crisp” days and the floating of plants and machines coincided with one of the first falls of snow for the year. ( see photos ) The material is being produced for Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s main access roads within the Murrindindi Shire. Fantastic rock for 60mm Agg and 40mm Crushed rock.

Back home we like to keep the rock rolling with a little extra care to our site. We have added a very beneficial concrete “Pad” to the pre-coating area to reduce contamination and to make life easier for the operators.

In our Yarck site, we continue to do site maintenance and pit development, re-establish proper benches, sediment ponds, barrier-walls and continuing to crush 20mm, 40mm and 40-80 Agg for winter season customers.

Our on-site Water Truck has had a little upgrade of her own – to her spray volume to help keep the access bridge and Williams Road clean.

Constantly working to improve noise reduction, some of our machines have had their Reverse Beacons upgraded for a more peaceful surround in the valley.