Asset and Maintenance Team Supporting Our Growth

LS Quarry as a progressive and forward moving company has had amazing growth over the last ten years. With this growth comes additional assets and staff with an increase from a mere six assets and a small fixed plant, to a huge 153 mobile and fixed assets across the business!

Along with our new fixed plant, we also currently have 26 assets working offsite across southern and western Victoria! In addition to our crushing equipment, we have 10 highway trucks, with various combinations including a float and dolly to move our extensive mobile plant around the state. You will see our road trucks are constantly busy on the road delivering top quality product and service every day. Not forgetting now our dump trucks, loaders, water carts and light vehicles, every single piece of equipment is vital to the production requirements of LS Quarry. In addition to our own assets we are also hiring equipment to keep up with demand!

With up to 13 assets available to produce aggregates if even one was to break down it has a huge flow on effect throughout the business. Even something as small as Honda pump out of action could bring production to a halt! In order to ensure the assets stay running at optimal condition, every day the Operators advise of any issues they spot to limit breakdowns and regular servicing is vital on and offsite. This applies to all 153 assets within the business! That makes for a very busy Maintenance Department throughout the year.

To support such a large growth of assets the Workshop Department has also had to grow and adapt quickly to the changing workloads and maintenance schedules. Managing preventative maintenance, breakdowns both on and off-site has its challenges in which the Workshop staff are stepping up to and going the extra mile. Our team currently consists of mechanics, apprentices (full time and school based), welders, two leadings hands, a parts/storeman and dedicated administration team as well as local contractors to ensure all maintenance is kept on track. With the continued growth we are always on the lookout for new people to join our team.

As you can tell, it is not just machinery and equipment within this business that are assets, all of our 70 staff from the maintenance staff, to administration team, to the operators, drivers and contractors are all vital assets to the running and future of LS Quarry.

There are most certainly busy and exciting times ahead at LS Quarry with our new fixed plant being the first of its kind in the country and it is based right here at Lima South in North East Victoria. We look forward to future of continued growth and providing you with quality product every day!


h1300 Maxtrak Cone Crusher