Revegetation at Lima South

LS Quarry is one of Victoria’s largest quarries, supplying high quality product across eastern Australia and is a vital part of many of Victoria’s large civil infrastructure projects. LS Quarry is one of our region’s largest employers, helping North Eastern Victoria thrive.

While we are very proud of our achievements, we are aware that quarrying activities can impact the local environment with the loss of some local bush. We at LS Quarry are mindful of potential impacts and have a bush regeneration plan being implemented now to continue into the future. We are dedicated to replacing natural vegetation, not only in areas exposed by the quarry, but  also by replanting areas cleared long ago for farming land. This planting is surplus to requirements and is being undertaken due to our strong environmental conscience.

Revegetation restores visual appeal and reduces dust and noise. LS Quarry is mindful of the impact quarrying activities may have on our neighbours and is always striving to make improvements to minimise negative effects. 

LS Quarry has recently completed a tree planting project using several locally native species of eucalypt in areas surrounding the quarry. This project was implemented by LS Quarry owner Ashley Day who employed 2 young locals to plant, Isabelle Edwards and Samantha Hardiman, who spent chilly and often rainy winter days hard at work.

Replanting locally native vegetation accelerates the natural regeneration process and reduces erosion due to wind and rain. Reduced erosion helps maintain topsoil which is essential for plant growth and allows for other native plant species to repopulate naturally. Reduced erosion also helps keep our water systems clean and silt free. Planting eucalypt species native to our area gives the trees the best opportunity for survival and provides a natural habitat for our local native fauna.

LS Quarry aims to go above and beyond environmental restoration requirements as we have a strong sense of environmental responsibility, particularly due to the fact that the people who own and run the quarry grew up in this beautiful area and have a deep love and respect for the local Australian bush.

“Plant a seed inside the earth

Just one way to know its worth

Let’s celebrate the world’s rebirth

We say Let it grow!”                                      Dr Seuss’ The Lorax (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)