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In another big step towards meeting our Waste Management & Recycling aspirations for world class environmental performance, this month has seen the introduction of a new waste management strategy at Lima South Quarry, in partnership with our waste service provider- JJ Richards.

This is achieved by introducing new ways to manage all of our waste streams such as industrial chemicals, oil, oil filters, and oily rags. Along with paper, cardboard, co-mingled recyclable goods and scrap steel. Each of these waste streams will be 100% recycled!

In addition to that, it will also enable us to set waste reduction targets for other general waste, which would otherwise end up in landfill. Therefore increasing the amount of recycling and reducing landfill. So not only will we be setting targets and conducting work to minimise the waste produced by our operation, we will also be looking at ways to transfer from the use and production of non-recyclable wastes to greater than 90% of all waste produced being recycled.

The targets being set and our environmental performance goals are very high, however Lima South Quarry is 100% committed to achieving best in class environmental performance, and this is an important step towards that.

Here at LS Quarry we recognise the impact of waste on our immediate and beyond environment.  This initiative is so very important to our operation, our local area, and our greater local region.

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