Delivering Safely – On Time and In Full

Driving around Victoria during the summer months it’s almost impossible to not come across roadworks, whether it’s a new road or the maintenance of an existing road. With so much demand for road base crushed rock and aggregates over the short season suitable to conduct these works the pressure is on to deliver on time and safely to ensure maintenance to Victorian roads is completed.

LS Quarry has delivered over this busy time with no incidents or injury. This is a huge accomplishment and one LS Quarry is very proud of. The fleet of 10 trucks has since September driven over 540,000kms, and delivered over 250,000 tonnes of the highest quality road base product to ensure Victorian roads are maintained and safe.

Travelling as far as Mildura, Peterborough and Holbrook. It’s not all highways and sealed roads LS Quarry also delivers to maintain fire and forestry access roads throughout the high country including numerous nature reserves and plantations.

The terrain makes the job more difficult and this is where the experience of the LS Quarry drivers really comes to the fore.

Well done all! A great example of being safe and staying safe.