Operation of the Crushing and Screening Plant


The high production rates of our equipment, allow significant quantities of product to be produced in relatively short periods of time. The production rates will also depend on the nature of the product to be fed into the crusher. The more effective the blast/ or ripping operation has been, the higher the production rates we can deliver.

Product Characteristics

The product produced from our range of crushers is perfectly suited to the construction of road surfaces to be travelled by tyred vehicles.


There is a range of options relating to measurement, with certified scales on the loaders and crusher or the option of using accredited quantity surveyors. We are happy to work in with our clients to agree on an approach to accurate measurement that best suits their situation.


In the past, crushing equipment has tended to be quite old and subject to inconsistent production and unreliability. Our modern crushing plant and screening equipment have proven reliability and consistency of product quality and quantity for our customers. The ability to rely on its productivity allows us to provide greater flexibility and responsiveness to your requirements.

Site Set-up

The way the rock is presented for crushing can have a significant impact on the efficiency of the operation. If you will be undertaking this aspect of the operation, we will be happy to discuss how the rock can best be presented to maximise the efficiency of crushing and therefore minimise cost.

Set-up Area

A great characteristic of our plant is the incredibly small area required to set-up the equipment. For instance, the Impact Crusher and screening plant together take up only 90m2. This factor allows us to work in pits that are small, and also in larger pits that do not have the room, due to benches, and or stockpiles. This also allows us to generate and store larger stockpiles of rock, than is possible with fixed type or physically larger operations.

Set-up Time

The ability to set-up the crushing and screening plant in less than a couple of hours means we can be more responsive to your needs and requirements on shorter notice. This also contributes to our ability to provide you with such a competitive rate.

Size of the Crushing Job

The productivity and manoeuvrability of our equipment make smaller jobs possible and cost effective. We will consider jobs of all sizes and offer great savings for larger volumes.