Keystone Civil – Benalla Landfill Cell

  • Benalla Landfill: Landfill Cell Construction
  • Aggregates: Specialty

LS Quarry recently supplied specialty Leachate Aggregates to Keystone Civil for construction of a new Landfill Cell at Benalla for Benalla Rural City. This is the second time LS Quarry has supplied Leachate Aggregates to Keystone Civil. Previously Keystone relied on LS Quarry’s Superior Stone and Superior Service to supply a similar Landfill project for Wangaratta Rural City.

The Leachate Aggregate performs a special role in the construction of Landfill Cells, it allows liquid waste and water to drain through into the base where it is pumped out and treated rather than seeping into the water table.

Landfill Cell construction is a complex civil construction field with many technical and regulatory aspects to be carefully managed, Keystone Civil has established itself as experts in this space and is building many cells for numerous local government authorities throughout Victoria.

When they are working in North East Victoria they know they can rely on LS Quarry to supply high quality aggregates and other quarry products where they want them when they want them.