Grand Prix – Horse Arena

  • Client: Blue Ribbon Arenas
  • Horse Riding Arena Sand and Gravel: Blue Ribbon Arenas chose LS Quarry as their supplier to build this magnificent arena.

Peter Huxtable from Blue Ribbon Arenas was looking for a high quality consistent supply of arena sand and stabilized crusher dust to build a magnificent and very large “Grand Prix” horse riding arena for his clients located at Maindample near Mansfield Victoria.

The arena required large amounts of quarry products to be delivered in a short period of time, in addition the crusher dust had to be cement stabilized and then delivered within a few hours of being blended. This process required close co-operation between LS Quarry and Blue Ribbon Arenas during the construction process.

Peter contacted LS Quarry to advise he was “very happy with the quality of the material supplied and also the co-operation shown by Chris the LS Quarry truck driver” in working with him to get the material in.

As you can see from the photos it was a beautiful place to build an arena and the views in every direction are stunning.

Most magnificent though is the final picture with a happy client warming up on the freshly built arena!