Roads are made of layers

Use these products for each layer:

Subgrade Clean fill Type A VicRoads specification

Subbase 20mm Class 3 VicRoads specification

Base 20mm Class 1 or 2 VicRoads Specification

Surface 7,10,14 or 20mm Spray Sealed Aggregates

How do I build it?

For roads, it is always best to engage an experienced contractor

How much do I need?

Work out the cubic metres then multiply it by 1.5 for loose tonnes volume or 2.4 for compacted tonnes volume.

How do I work out cubic metres?

Multiply length x width x depth. ie: 100m x 3m x 100mm is 100 x 3 x .1 = 30m3
30m3 x 1.5 = 45 tonnes of loose material
30m3 x 2.4 = 72 tonnes of fully compacted material

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